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Livepure Mila For Diebetes And High Blood Sugar

Chia seeds are prized for their ability to provide sustainable energy and have been a food staple in both the Mayan and Aztec cultures, along with native tribes of North America. In fact, chia is the ancient Mayan word for strength.

Mila® is a superfood that is gluten-free, trans-fat free, sugar-free and is a superior plant-based source of protein and fiber.

Mila uses different varieties of chia seeds to provide a wide array of nutrients. By combining these crops, you get a nutritionally robust product.

Why Micro-Sliced?

Whole chia seeds are not fully digested by the body leaving a significant portion of their nutritional properties wasted. Micro-sliced describes the process of how the chia seeds in Mila are “broken open” in order to maximize their nutritional value. LivePURE has invested in customized manufacturing equipment, which slices a significant quantity of the seeds through this process.

Heat is also not introduced into this process in order to maintain the sliced seeds’ nutritional integrity. Contains the omega-3 fat ALA, or “alpha-linolenic acid.” ALA has been shown to support heart health; in fact, studies have illustrated improved cardiovascular health among those with a high intake of ALA- containing foods, like Mila.

Mila also helps meet the fiber needs of your family. The fiber found in Mila is predominantly insoluble fiber, a form of fiber that aids in the relief of occasional constipation.

Is a whole, raw super food and a natural source of omega-3s, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Is a blend of different crops of chia seed to help maximize nutrient density.

Contains 3 grams of protein.

Contains other important nutrients such as calcium.

Is a good source of magnesium and phosphorous — both important nutrients for bone health.*

Contains 3 grams of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in normal growth and development and brain function.*

May be a great vegetarian substitute for fish oil.

According to the USDA, chia seeds contain a significantly higher percentage of fiber than corn, rice, oats, wheat, or barley. Fiber helps promote satiety and relief from occasional constipation.*

Mila can supplement your diet with plant-based fiber and protein. Can be consumed on its own or incorporated into your favorite dishes, yogurt, and smoothies. Mila® can replace eggs or up to ¼ cup of oil in recipes.

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